Financial Accounting

Adge simplifies your accounting processes by centralizing reporting and financial data on all of your affiliate program partners. 

Specifically, we report the commission payable to you per month. This data is updated throughout the month. At the end of the month, you can rely upon this data to generate invoices for your clients that require invoices and prepare your own financial accounting. This information gives you an accurate picture of the financial performance across all of your affiliate partners. 

Manual Adjustments

While Adge supports automatic data integration from the vast majority of gambling affiliate programs, in the event that you have an affiliate partner for which we do not support automatic data integration, you can still manually enter the commission payable for this account. This way you can still track all of your accounts on our system. 

In addition to the commission number reported by each affiliate program, Adge offers you additional functionality to modify this commission number. For each affiliate program account, you may adjust the commission manually, per month. This includes support for minimum guarantees. 

When set to a minimum guarantee, the adjusted commission for each month will be calculated by comparing the commission number reported from the affiliate program to the manually entered minimum guarantee. The Adge system will display the higher of the two. 

Foreign Exchange

Financial numbers in the Adge system are converted using the latest foreign exchange rates for the current month.  For data from a previous month, Adge uses the rate from the final day of the month. It is essential that you enter the correct currency for each of your affiliate program accounts in order to have accurate data. You may change this currency at any time. 

When viewing reports, the financial data may be represented in any of the currencies supported by the Adge system (currently over 150). 

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