What is a campaign?

A campaign enables users to create pre-defined groups of traffic data in their Adge account. 

For example, If you are an affiliate with 5 different web sites and you would like to view the data by web site you would create a basic campaign for each web site.

Once you created the campaign for each web site you would need to associate the relevant traffic from each of the affiliate program accounts in your Adge account. 

By default, all campaigns are setup as Standard Campaigns. More complex, Enhanced Campaigns are covered later. 

Assigning Trackers

Within the settings for each campaign, you will see a list of all of the affiliate program accounts in your Adge account. Furthermore, if you make use of specific trackers when sending traffic to the affiliate programs, these trackers will appear grouped, below each affiliate program account. 

You can associate either an entire affiliate program account with a campaign or only a subset of that account by assigning one or more trackers from within that account. 

To continue with the example of an affiliate with 5 web sites, this affiliate may have 5 seperate bet365 affiliates accounts, one for each of his 5 web sites. In this case, he would add all 5 of the bet365 affiliates accounts to his Adge account and then individually associate each of the affiliate program accounts with its respective campaign. 

Alternatively, if this same affiliate instead had one bet365 affiliates account with 5 different tracking links used for each of his five websites, he would start by adding the single bet365 affiliates account. Then the affiliate could associate each of the 5 trackers within the single account with its respective campaign. 

Enhanced Campaigns

Enhanced campaigns involve an extra layer of organization and are more complex than Standard campaigns. Click here for more on Enhanced Campaigns. 

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