Business Intelligence

By integrating all of your affiliate program data into one, standardized account, Adge creates the possibility of unlocking valuable intelligence about your business. 

Daily Data

Data in the Adge system is reported at a daily basis. This is the smallest time interval supported across all gambling affiliate programs. 

With daily data, you can see the ebb and flow of your traffic and referrals to advertising partners. For example:

  • Figure out which day of the month delivers the most NDPs (New Depositing Players)
  • Figure out which day of the week delivers the most NDPs
  • Take advantage of major spikes or react to drop-offs in traffic as soon as they happen

Conversion rate comparisons

Adge makes it easy to compare conversion rates from one affiliate partner to another. When trying to grow your business, sending traffic to the best converting affiliate programs is one of the easiest things you can do. 

Adge supports several conversion rates, including:

  • Impression to Click
  • Click to Registration
  • Registration to Deposit
  • Impression to Deposit
  • Click to Deposit


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