How can I adjust the commission payable?

While Adge supports automatic data integration from the vast majority of gambling affiliate programs, in the event that you have an affiliate partner for which we do not support automatic data integration, you can still manually enter the commission payable for this account. This way you can still track all of your accounts on our system.

Adge offers you the functionality to modify the commission number. For each affiliate program account, you may adjust the commission manually, per month. This includes support for minimum guarantees. To change the commission value, select “Manage Commissions and Payments” from the gear icon to the left of the affiliate program name. From the Revenue Report page, click on the gear icon next to the commission and select “Adjust this commission”.

From the “Adjust Revenue” page, you may alter the payment status and commission adjustment. You can change the adjustment type from the “Adjustment” dropdown list. When set to either manual adjustment or minimum guarantee, you may enter a custom value and currency from the fields below.

When set to a minimum guarantee, the adjusted commission for each month will be calculated by comparing the commission number reported from the affiliate program to the manually entered minimum guarantee. The Adge system will display the higher of the two.

You may also leave a Revenue Note in the “Extra” section for other members of your team, and for your own records to refer back to in the future.

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